Set Goals & Prepare For Success

No one said that it would be easy.

 No one knew how to do it until they research, learned and did it.

You have to step out of your comfort zone in order to obtain success,

or you will never know what you could do or accomplish.

It’s never too late. Be encouraged.

Quitra, CEO

Be Well Over All

Mental Health is very important on the journey of entrepreneurship.

There are times when your business, family, and friends will have to wait

from feeling overwhelmed and over worked. Don’t rush the process. Find the

beauty in each stage.

Karrington, PEC (Project Executive Coordinator)


This is the year we started our business. This business will

always forevermore be a reminder of this peculiar year that we

succeeded through a Coronavirus Pandemic and the most positive unity

we’ve seen across the globe in our communities after tragic events


An epic time to be alive!

Thank you Yah Elohim the most high!!!!!

Build Family Legacies

Family is important. Always uplift each other, talk, pray and get an

understanding to heal brokenness if you possibly can. Bring

positive vibes and mindsets to the table to build a legacy for generations

to come.